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Jun 28 2013

East Peak Rain Showers

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A wonderfull blessing of rain last night throughout Cuchara Valley and extended surrounding area.  Nearly a half inch. Unfortunately, it also brought a 30 minute lightning show with it. So there may be some new hot spots but we have the people and equipment here to handle it. Forecast calls for afternoon shows every day for the next week!  Whoopee.

Several hot-shot crews are still staying up on the mountain in spike camps full-time, digging in fire lines and to be more accessible to the fire. Hazardous conditions so usually an EMT-Paramedic on the mountainside with them. Helicopters already airborne this morning looking for any new problem areas.
FYI, correction on Homes lost to the fire. Only 13 homes, other structures were barns, etc. None lost in our immediate area of La Veta and Cuchara Valley. And Wahatoya 360 is officially back open now.

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Jun 27 2013

East Peak Fire Update

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East Peak Fire approaching full control. Today reports 70% containment. Wahatoya Valley Rd. 360 expected to open later today. 
 Hot-spots mostly on eastern slope of East Peak, well away from Cuchara Valley.  19 homes were lost on eastern slope. Fire has covered about 13,000 acres total so far.
Hot-shot Teams have been amazing. Hiking, crawling and climbing in. Ground and air support is outstanding.  Everyday I see a new truck in La Veta from states everywhere. Elk Creek, Chino Valley, Bonneville, Palmer Lake, Rapid City, Deer Mountain, Leadville, … too many to name and thank.

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Jun 23 2013

East Peak Fire-Rocky Mountain Incident Command

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Here is a great link to the East Peak – La Veta Incident Command site.

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Jun 22 2013

East Peak Fire near La Veta

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Progress today on the fire line. 316 firefighters attacking the mountain-side. Trucks and rigs from surrounding area states. Bullshead, Miles City, Arrowhead Hot-Shots, etc.  Plus from all over Colorado. Also 4 helicopters and 2 slurry tanker planes.  Friday night transitioned command over to the Rocky Mountain Incident Command  Type II team.

Sat. morning looked calm and clearing, but then afternoon hot shifting winds are still creating new trouble canyons with acreage now estimated at 11,365.  Still contained to the N and E side of East Peak but moving somewhat lower on the mountain toward La Veta.  And extending much farther east toward I-25 and Walsenburg.  Some winds are predicted to turn around toward the west Sunday. Red Flag Warning all day but but finally this evening a report of 10% containment. Some small progress.

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Jun 21 2013

East Peak Fire

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Jun 20 2013

East Spanish Peak Fire

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Frightening fire up on the East Peak last night. Still no containment.  Maybe 7 or 8 miles SE of La Veta and even farther away from Cuchara. Evacuations are in progress in some areas. 
It started up at end of Bear Creek Road near Boy Scout Camp on north side of the East Peak. Has burned much up the mountain on north side toward peak and slowly creeping westerly too. But winds also blowing fire NE toward Walsenburg. Burning a large area now, 9,000 acres. Burning south of CR 363 between 360 Wahatoya and Bear Creek to the west. Have already also lost a few homes considerable distance SE of the peak too, in areas of Silver Spurs and Blackhawk Ranch developments.    
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