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Aug 24 2011

Earthquake Update

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More tremor news.  Epicenter was NW of Trinidad between small villages of Valdez and Segundo.  Registered 5.3 on Richter scale. Enough to knock some groceries off shelfs.  Some residents in La Veta area report hearing or feeling something akin to a hard gust of wind or brief rumble sound.

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Aug 23 2011

Earthquake Tremors

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Yes, we had a small but measurable earthquake last night NW of Trinidad.  No report yet on scale rating.  Also no report of damages nor injuries.  Some claim to have heard or felt something but most of us in Cuchara Valley had no idea until we were told later. So, all is well here.

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Aug 22 2011

Dougherty Gang

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Walsenburg Main Street was cordoned off this morning as the Dougherty clan was brought before the Judge via video for formal charges. The family trio was captured last week in a shoot-out in Walsenburg after high-speed chase.  Charges include firing upon police officers.  They had been subject of a national FBI search for bank robery and assault in Florida and Georgia prior to their capture here.

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Aug 13 2011

Cool Weekend

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A cool 51 degrees here this morning in the Cuchara Valley.  Perfect for the early send-off of the over 100 bicycle riders in the Century Stonewall Ride.  They should be departing La Veta just about now. Rain showers in the forecast for late afternoon but clearing in time for the Fair and Rodeo this evening.

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Aug 10 2011

Roller Coasters or Bungee Jumping

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IMG_3988The Mountain Resort had planned a Zip Line, but that’s no more exciting than our current stock market rides. What a week.  Well as life keeps pushing you right to the edge, take a moment and contemplate on the banks of our little Bear Lake near Cuchara like I did last week.  Only 3 miles off the paved highway and a thousand miles off the fast track of life.

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Aug 04 2011

Legends of Spanish Peaks

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Legend has it the first Europeans to enter the Spanish Peaks area were Spanish militia in the company of a group of priests, sent to look for gold wherever they could find it. Supposedly they found a rich vein somewhere on the peaks and enslaved some local Indians to dig it out for them. When the Spaniards left they killed all the Indians and headed south over Cuchara Pass. They went down to the Purgatoire River and headed west, hoping to cross the Sangre de Cristo’s. Somewhere along the banks of the river they were ambushed by hostile Indians and were wiped out to a man. That’s how the river got its’ name: Rio de las Animas Perdido en Purgatorio, meaning river of souls lost in purgatory (changed to Purgatoire by French trappers).  See more Cuchara Valley history, legends and folklore at

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Aug 03 2011

Cuchara Valley Weekend

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La Veta, Cuchara and Gardner are the places to be this weekend. Come enjoy the cool weather and afternoon rain showers.

Saturday, Aug. 6, 10:00 for La Veta Auction at E. Virginia St. and 2:00 for Annual Gardner Chuckwagon Dinner at Methodist Church grounds. 

Sunday, Aug. 7, 4:00 at Town Park for Doris Tracy Town Picnic

Monday, Aug. 8, 6:00 for Kay Fette Benefit Spagetti Dinner at Sammie’s

Huerfano County Fair, Ranch Rodeo and Stonewall Century Bike ride all coming up the next weekend.

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Aug 01 2011

Chuckwagon Dinner

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Don’t miss the 69th Annual Gardner Chuckwagon Dinner this coming  Saturday.  A heartwarming tradition sponsored by the Gardner Methodist Church. Aug. 6 from 2:00 til 5:00 at the church grounds. $10 donation suggested.

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