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Mar 22 2011

A little moisture

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After weeks of warm dry breezes I woke this morning to a little skif of moisture.  Light mist or rain mixed with snow flurries. We have been seeing  dust in the air up north of us and occasional smoke mixed in from their grass fires near Pueblo.  Entire southern Colorado remains in dry conditions with fire alerts across the state. So let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

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Mar 21 2011

Warm Weekend

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It was a warm and breezy weekend here in the Cuchara valley. Temps. in the 60’s again. Hazy skies on Sunday from several small grass fires up north of us in Pueblo County.  We are needing more moisture and a few more snowstorms will be welcomed.  The windy weather was not good enough to keep RES Americas Silver Mountain Wind Farm on the agenda.  After hearings and public sentiment opposition, they have apparently withdrawn their application to move forward here.

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Mar 18 2011

Dyna Lou

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Meet Dyna Lou, a nine week old, purebred bundle of energy that came home to Cuchara on Wednesday evening…

Tom in Cuchara sends us this note. Bob and Sandy, owners of Dakota Dukes wanted to make sure that the kids returning to Cuchara for vacation this summer had a pup they could return to…

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Mar 17 2011

Bachman in Cuchara

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We are so pleased to have leased more great office space in Cuchara from Don Ayers at the Timbers.  Signs are up and Karen and John are planning the layout. Open weekends real soon now. Stop in and tell them hello.

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Mar 17 2011

Orman vs Buffett

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Which pundit advice do you want to follow in real estate? See Suze Orman vs Warren Buffett at

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Mar 16 2011

Book Nook Bingo

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Every year, Liz and I pick a few good-cause benefits to support.  Last week we wrote a contract to help Friends of the La Veta Library  acquire their own building downtown for their Book Nook shop.  They have been awarded several matching grants, so now we all need to help them raise the “match” money.  Mark your calendars to come join us for a fun night of  Bingo to raise money for this worthy cause.  Community Bingo Night is to be held Saturday, Apr. 2, 7:00 PM at the La Veta Community Center.  More details later on other ways you can help them reach their goal.

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Mar 16 2011

Mortgage Rates Down Again

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Our mortgage rates declined this week continuing a brief  trend downward. Realty Times reports that conforming 30 year fixed rate mortgages are at 4.625%.  These are the best conforming mortgage rates available and with 1%  origination fee.  Current pressure on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgage purchasers, means long term fixed-rate loans could soon become a thing of the past.  Jumbo mortgage rates (loans over $417k) saw the same downward slide as conforming mortgage rates. Jumbo 30 year fixed mortgage rates are at 5.250% which is a decrease of 1/8 percent.

Our mortgage rates generally move in the opposite direction of mortgage backed securities prices (MBS). Current economic data included the increase in unemployment claims, the rise of wholesale inventories and sales and the increase in retail trade sales. Most of the movement for MBS prices came from the continued unrest in the Middle East. In addition, the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan has investors concerned about the economic recovery on a worldwide scale which has had the strongest affect on MBS prices that ultimately resulted in the reduction of mortgage rates.

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Mar 15 2011

County-Wide Economic Development

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Economic Development Meeting
Huerfano County Commissioners are hosting an Economic Development Planning meeting this Wednesday, March 16, from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at the Huerfano County Community Center at 10th and Russell in Walsenburg. This follows Governor Hickenlooper’s bottom-up initiative to stimulate the economy and create jobs across the state.

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Mar 14 2011

La Veta Judicial Updates

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Well a couple of District Court cases involving the Town of La Veta  had rulings last week.   

The Town was dismissed from any  judicial review procedure involving the Trustee recall petition.  The Court further ruled that there was still not sufficient info. to make a ruling on the overall case brought by the recall committee plaintiffs.  Judge asked the remaining parties to file a new response before he enters a final ruling on the merits of the petition.

And a 3-judge Appeals panel has ruled in favor of  the Town of La Veta, affirming that the Town  never actually legally effected the annexation of Grandote Peaks Golf Course in 1985.  Grandote had sought to get an opinion that overturned the Town’s position but that has evidently now been dismissed.  Apparently any annexation attempts would now have to begin all over.

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Mar 10 2011

Warming Weather

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Spring-forward your time pieces this Saturday night.  Spring-like weather is here again.  50’s and 60’s next few days.

Don’t miss the happening in La Veta this  Saturday evening. . Uncommon Bonds concert with Ken Saydak, Jaquie Gipson and Willson &  McKee.  Saturday, March 12th 7:30pm, Francisco Center for the Arts.  Tickets: $15.00 at Charlie’s in La Veta and  at Mike’s Coffee Barn in Walsenburg. limited seating.

And even more music on Sunday evening at the Enkes place.


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