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Jan 18 2011

Buyer Tips of the Week

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All brokers are not the same.  Check out their office and broker reputations.  Determine  their experience level and knowledge.   Look at their websites, blogs and testimonials.  Choose an agent that listens and that  you feel will offer objective guidance.  One whose  manner you can be comfortable with.  Make sure they are trying to match your wants and needs rather than just trying to sell you a particular property of their own choice.   Bottom line… the agent you choose can make all the difference.  I hope you will consider me,  Jerry Henson.  719 742-5161

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Jan 18 2011

Unseasonably Seasonal

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This time last week our overnight temps were single digit and daytime highs never got above freezing.  But what a difference a week makes.  The low last night was 33 and yesterdays high was a balmy 54.  Today is cooler with snowstorms again in the north-central mountain corridor from Aspen  up to Steamboat.  We would like a little of that fresh snow down here.

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Jan 17 2011

Real Estate Review

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For all my local real estate junkie friends, last year’s sales in our area were up again. A 17.5% increase over the prior year here in Huerfano County. Yippee and Hurrah.  More details later.

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Jan 16 2011

Chamber Meeting

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La Veta Cuchara Chamber of Commerce meeting this Monday, Jan. 17 at 5:30 pm at the library conference room.

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Jan 16 2011

SPACe Members Show

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Members Show at the SPACe Gallery on Sunday 1/16 from 4 to 6 pm.

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Jan 16 2011

Spanish Peaks Bees

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Did you know we have a local Bee Club?  Members of the National Federation of Bee Keepers.  They met yesterday afternoon and the meeting was a buzzin’.

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Jan 16 2011

Cuchara Valley PT Moves

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Diane and Vince Koutnik are moving their Cuchara Valley Physical Therapy office in La Veta,  next door to the Dr. Patrick Sternberg office on West Ryus.  They had previously been renting in the Gym building.  Koutniks also have an office in Walsenburg as well.  Congrats. to them on their big move.

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Jan 13 2011

Long Range Planning

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What a novel idea, to actually plan for the future.  Kudos to Town of La Veta Trustees and to Huerfano County Board Commissioners too.  This is sure better than playing the blame game and just criticizing each other.   

Last week the La Veta Trustees led an open workshop discussion regarding a Comprehensive Plan for La Veta, including adjacent lands as well.  About 30 folks gathered and later broke into smaller discussion groups on specific issues.   Town Board promises more of these public forum meetings of what’s working now and what is not, in upcoming months.

And County Board of Commissioners hosted  a similar public workshop concerning designation of local municipal and industrial water projects as a part of the County Land Use Plan.  This could include the transferring of water rights and the impact of water uses on existing domestic wells. Water will always be an important aspect of rural Colorado.

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Jan 10 2011


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After warm clear weather last week, it is now downright COLD here in the Cuchara Valley.  About 4 inches snow last night and still snowing this morning. And tonight and tomorrow will be even colder. So wrap up your water pipes, your pets and yourself.

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Jan 06 2011

National Western Stock Show

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A truly great Colorado venue coming up is the National Western in Denver, Jan. 8 -23.  This is the 105 th year of the western stock show.  It is expected to again draw more than 600,000 people over its 16 day run.  We attended every year when we were operating Soda Creek Western and Schaffer Outfitter up in Steamboat Springs.   And if you can, try to also wrangle a guest pass to the Western Merchandise Mart this weekend.  You will see famouse western entertainers walking the aisles and we  have had the privilege of  attending Wrangler dinner parties there with Billy Kidd, Larry Mahan and the legendary Jim Shoulders.

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