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Oct 30 2010

Ghost Goblin Party

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The big traditional La Veta Inn Halloween Party will be held tonight.  Live music, Alys great finger foods and no cover charge.  Tom Munch and Tom Watson both performing. Slip on a sheet or something and enter the costumes contest.  More celebrations this evening over at Sammie’s and up at Dog Bar too.  So get out, move about and scare somebody tonight.

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Oct 29 2010

Conflict Resolution

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Liz reports a nice turnout last evening in La Veta for the local Library sponsored workshop. Civility in Conflict was an effort to bring about a civil dialogue in our community regardless of opposing opinions on an issue.  About 25 to 30 people showed up for Sandy Hackbarth’s workshop and discussed ways in which we can regain our Town Spirit. Hackbarth suggested that this forum was not a Town Board business issue of governing, but rather a town meeting to  regain  Community heart and spirit. Current Town Board issues and politics were not to be discussed.  Many feelings, suggestions and visions came out of the meeting.  Another meeting is planned for next Thursday as well, 7:00 PM at library.  Kudos to Sandy and all those attending.

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Oct 27 2010

Colder Weather

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Colder weather here in the Cuchara Valley this week.  A nice dusting of several inches of snow up on the high peaks of  the Snowy Range.  Farther north of us, big wet snow is being welcomed by some but  maybe not by all.  Colorado Division of Wildlife put out some good info on winter hunting camping preparation.  

Heavy snowfall tends to concentrate elk into larger winter herds and gets the elk moving towards winter range areas. In warmer weather conditions, elk tend to stay dispersed and take cover in remote, dense stands of high elevation timber making it more difficult for hunters to locate and reach the animals.  
“Hunters should always carry a personal survival kit that includes signaling devices, shelter and fire starter,” said Mark Cousins, hunter education coordinator for Division of Wildlife. “A larger vehicle survival
kit with sleeping bag, food, water, shovel, sand and tire chains is also a good idea.”
A guide to being prepared for the hunt is available on the Division of Wildlife website at:
Hunters are currently taking part in the 2nd rifle season, which runs until one half hour after sunset on Sunday, Oct 31. Third rifle season begins Saturday, Nov. 6 at sunrise and runs through Sunday, Nov. 14. Fourth season is Nov. 17 – Nov. 21.

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Oct 25 2010

A busy week ends

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WOW, last week seemed as busy as any summer week was here.  A steady stream of buyers,  sellers and visitors through the office all week.  Folks  loving the fall foliage, scouting their elk hunt and looking for property.  We wrote several nice contracts last week so this may now be a desk and paperwork week to catch up.

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Oct 25 2010

Any Silver Lining?

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This morning I saw some interesting comments on my realty times post  from Cliff Hockley an Oregon economist. He was referring to the silver lining in our cloud of economic woes right now.  Here are some of his positive outcomes (abridged and condensed here for space purposes).

 Real Estate offers unprecedented low interest rates for home purchases: 30 Yr Fixed as low as 4.25%, 15 Yr Fixed as low as 3.75% .  These low interest rates will fuel demand to purchase homes as the prices drop to a place where average folks can afford them.  Increased residential foreclosures mean lowered prices and more opportunities for investors to buy homes as rentals.  Increased demographic demand for rentals is coming.  Significant reductions in Apartment vacancy rates are a reflection of the upcoming increased demand.  The “silver-lining” flipside to the unemployment picture is that 85 – 90% of Americans are either employed or in school. SBA financing is available ( at competitive interest rates and with low costs) to help small business owners buy a building for their business.  Other key market place indicators Banks are slowly recovering and have the cash they need to loan and generate income, albeit conservatively.  Many banks are ending their “pretend and extend” phase and are actively taking back properties and selling them as fast as they can to get them off of their books. 

Land values will come back as the recession winds down and the population increases. If you have money, you have an excellent 6 – 12 month window to look for real estate opportunities to buy your second home or a couple of investment homes.  In my lifetime I have never seen prices this low for residential real estate.  Hockley goes on to say,  Now is the time to invest… and for the turtles among us to begin sticking our necks out.

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Oct 20 2010

The Inn Place To Be

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 After months of hard work, we have all now realized the Inn transfer from Scott and Tammy Medsker, to Kurt Reuss. We are so happy to have been able to assist both parties in this great transaction. Thanks to the Medskers,  the new Management Team headed up by Kurt  has hardly  missed a beat during the change-over.  Their energy is delightfully contagious. 

Kurt Reuss has deep roots in Colorado from earlier days up in Denver area. He also helped develop the first generation of cell service licenses along the Mountain corridor from Vail to Aspen and Grand Junction. Kurt purchased a home here in the Cuchara Valley a number of years ago,  and  looks forward to spending much more time here now.  He may still be  sharing some time back to Toronto where his recent  operations were based and family have resided.

Our congratulations go out to the Medskers for the great effort and leadership they put into the Inn for these past 6 years. We have enjoyed their friendship and they plan to stay here in the area so it is an all-around win/win for all of us. Come dine at  The Inn soon and meet Kurt.  You will  enjoy the culinary experience provided by Head Chef Alys Romer.

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Oct 20 2010

Reuss takes reins at La Veta Inn

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We attended Town Board meeting this week and introduced Kurt Reuss as applicant for liquor license transfer at the La Veta Inn.  The Board gave unanimous approval to his application subject to the usual public hearing, state licensing, etc.  Then last night Kurt and his new Chef Alys Romer treated  Liz and I to a wonderful beef tenderloin dinner with all the trimmings.   Delicious and cooked to perfection – including her famous brownies with ice cream and amaretto chocolate sauce! You may remember Alys from the Fireside Cafe  in Walsenburg a few years back.  Kurt and his team have great new plans for the Inn.  We join Kurt in welcoming Alys back into La Veta with her outstanding culinary creations.  This is a WIN for us all.

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Oct 12 2010

Bachman site update

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We are in process of completing a newer faster, better makeover for the Bachman Assoc. website. Bob Reece has us nearly finished except for our live webcam install coming soon. see

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Oct 07 2010

Little Creek Cabin

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Liz and I drove up to Cuchara today to check on our cabin.  Aspens are looking beautiful.  Already at their peak color up on the Pass, but still another week to go down in the Village.


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Oct 06 2010

Cuchara Work-Day

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I bumped into Marshall Moore yesterday and he updated me on more progress at Cuchara Mountain Resort.  Past 2 days were spent with Architect/Planners designing the phase 1 events for next summer. Exciting.

Last Sunday the community showed its continuing support.  A big volunteer workday had been scheduled to clean up old debris and trash around the base area. Organizers expected 20 to 30 hardy folks to show up. Well I was out showing property and couldn’t go, but my wife Liz went and reports that over 80 people were there lending their support. Bruce Cantrell thanked everyone and gave a brief update on receiving bonding approvals, etc.  Hopeful and exciting news for sure.

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