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May 18 2010


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Francisco Players have casting call.  The Francisco Fort  Melodrama will run for several weekend toward the end of July.  

Art in the Parks booths are available for the July 4 weekend.  Come join us for festivities and parades in both La Veta and Cuchara.

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May 17 2010


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Lee Merkel of the Colorado Dept. of Local Affairs visited with Town Board Monday regarding services offered by DOLA.  Those include Town governing,  budgeting, grants, workshops and planning.  Regional Planner Bill Grey spoke of the need for a current Community Plan and the role of a town planning commision in land use planning.  As Bill and Lee stated, La Veta has the same issues and conflicts that most all other small towns have.  How we handle them is the key.  And issues of economic development, zoning, energy impact and annexation, are all handled much more easily under a Community Master Plan rather than in the face of  politically charged specific issue proposals. 

The Town Board scheduled an annexation workshop to be held June 7 and a Planning 101 workshop to be June 28.

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May 15 2010

Great Weather Now

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After rain showers Thursday and snow showers Friday,



Saturday looks to be another beautiful day here in Paradise.

fresh peak snow

fresh peak snow

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May 14 2010

Town Governing

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A  Colorado state agency,  the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) helps local governments throughout the state in their budgeting, planning and governing.  DOLA also has guidlines for Trustees, Directors and City Councilors too.  At the encouragement and invitation of several local area residents, community leaders and Town Trustees, DOLA has agreed to come down to La Veta next week and hold a workshop on some small town governing issues.  This workshop is open to the Public and we are hopeful that many interested parties from both sides of the political arena and personal bias or persuasion will attend.  I expect discussion on benefits and detriments of economic development and annexation would be a subject worth of discussion.  The meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 17  here in La Veta at the Town Community Building on E. Ryus beginning at 10:00 .

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May 12 2010

Table Rock

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Our congratulation to Doug Kenyon on our Sale and Close yesterday on his fabulous Table Rock Ranch here in the Wahatoya Valley of La Veta. DSC03373 (2) (Medium)

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May 10 2010

May 30 Golf Tournament

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Liz has been notified that the 1 st  Annual Main Street Beautification Fundraiser Golf Tournament will be hosted at Grandote Peaks Golf Course on May 30.  The annual Redskin High School Benefit had to be postponed due to their conflicting schedule.  So Randy Briggs decided to go ahead with a Memorial Weekend Tournament, but as a fund-raising benefit with proceeds to the La Veta Beautification Project.  WOW   And today we also heard of two trees donated and paint furnished for the Marshall’s Office building.  Thank you all.   The support behind this little project of  Town Pride,  just continues to grow.

Help us raise money by registering for the Golf Tournament.  For more info or registration, call Kelly or Dave at 800 457-9986.

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May 10 2010

La Veta Beautification

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In the midst of politics and turmoil, Liz Henson has attempted to bring everyone a little closer together with a new concensus building volunteer effort.  The beautification of Main Street.  The dull winter effects require some sprucing up efforts according to Liz.  She has coordinated fund raisers and input support from several of her local friends, from the Tree Board, the Chamber of Commerce, True Value, Town Board, the Rotary Club and other local businesses and civic leaders. Her planning efforts will hopefully be finalized this morning after a suggested meeting with the Town Streets and Alleys Committee (go figure?).   Then on to the planters and broom brigaide volunteers.  Way to go Liz, you have our thanks for your patience and effort on this.

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May 09 2010

More Golf Confirmation

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Hey Jerry!  Yes, Randy Briggs will be announcing the opening for Memorial Day weekend, with the Redskin Open … 

Thanks Kelly.  See complete comments in her previous response post.

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May 09 2010

Happy Mother’s Day

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Our most sincere celebration of thanks, congratulations and Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers, Moms, Mamas, daughters and other ladies that have touched our lives.

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May 07 2010

Golf Soon

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The word is spreading quickly.  Dr. Briggs has evidently indicated that he will get Grandote open for play by end of month.  Hopefully just in time for the annual La Veta High School Redskins Benefit Tournament on Memorial weekend.

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