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Apr 28 2010

Buenos Dias!

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Hola from sunny Baja California Sur. We are spending a week at the lovely Finisterra (which means Land’s End). Wish you were here!

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Apr 26 2010

Snow Showers Again

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Light snow falling again this morning.  Puleeez, enuff is enuff. We are heading south this week.  Way south.  Will blog in a post or two whenever we can.  Adios

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Apr 25 2010

Dearly Departed

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Wow – two weeks in a row we have been treated to some delightfully entertaining theater here in wonderful downtown La Veta. Of course, we get dressed up for the occasion, have dinner with friends at The La Veta Inn and then mosey over to the intimate and comfortable theater. We always remark how lucky we are to live here and be entertained so well. This play was a collaboration of professional actors from the Denver area and three of our local talent, who performed brilliantly. Set in the Present and located somewhere below the Mason-Dixon line we were taken into the lives of the Turpin’s as they deal with the death of a family member and all the hilarity of family dynamics when you come together for the funeral. Minimal set design, but the actors made you believe you were at the funeral home staring at the corpse or driving in the car with all the screaming kids in the back seat. We laughed till we thought we’d die. Don’t miss an opportunity to take in this play if it comes to your local theater. Or come see ours at

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Apr 23 2010

A New Day

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Well I am not discontinuing my blog, regardless of hopes or concerns.  I just forgot to post today.  Got to bed late last night and forgot.  Then thunderstorms (turning to snow) thru the night knocked our power off so when I got up this morning, no coffee and no blogging.  Then off to the office and that’s the last I thought of it. 

Only new news I have is that the bears have been sited in Cuchara and also at Echo Canyon Guest Ranch.  And they seem to be hungry too.  So watch out for garbage raiders. 

And while I have enjoyed the forum for posts on the elections, golf, etc.  I think we should maybe move on to other positive subjects on my site too.  We aren’t changing many minds or opinions so could easily move the dialogue to other areas I hope.   How ’bout broadening our interest and horizons to some other subjects for a while. ?  Thanks

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Apr 21 2010

Election Response

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My previous blog post generated more comments than I have ever received. I think the majority may have disagreed with my opinions re. the Trustee vacancy. But luckily, they were all just personal opinions.  It did generate discussion and that’s what blogs are for.  And each was important for them to share. A few were supportive, many were passionate, some confused, some frustrated and some close to anger. But few, if  any, seemed bordering on being mean spirited.  I briefly questioned whether I should have put my own views out there.   But my great wife supported the entire process and comments with a reaction that I asked her to post for all to see.  

Jerry and I moved to La Veta 10 years ago. Something about this town grabbed us in some indescribable,  incredible way. Other places where we’d lived, we had jobs and lived our lives pretty quietly. Here in La Veta, something different happened to us.  We realized that we could make a difference, get involved, try new careers – it’s been a truly growing experience just about every day. This recent election and filling of the vacant Trustee position has made this growing experience even more apparent.

I have two close friends whom I dearly love. We view the current political issue in totally different ways and we know it, we don’t hide it. But a wonderful feeling has come out of this through our recent discussions. We freely acknowledge the right to the other’s opinion and respect and honor that opinion – but the friendship is the most important part to each of us. In the end, we were each able to tell each other how we felt on this political outcome and then we gave each other a hug. We all want only good things for our little town of La Veta. Jerry and I sincerely wish our entire Town Board the best in the days and years ahead. May they be guided to make wise decisions for the benefit of all of our La Veta, Cuchara and Valley area residents and guests.   Liz Henson

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Apr 20 2010

Former Runner-Up Seated

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The vote count was announced. You could feel the air go out of the room.  Then one section broke out in applause.  We had a new Trustee.

Upon motion by Trustee Davis, former Trustee Tracy Webb was nominated to fill the Trustee vacancy.  Webb had recently lost in her bid for Trustee.  A vocal group of La Veta actives held up cards saying  “Elect Tracy-Save $1,500 New Election”.  They stood firm in their opposition to consideration of any other process of filling the vacancy, except that of the losing runner-up entitlement from the recent election?  Confusing isn’t it?  Many of us disagreed with that choice logic. 

Newly elected Mayor Don Keairns and Trustee Larry Klinke voted NO to the Webb nomination, but in a surprise vote, Laurie Irwin had sided with the other 3 incumbent Trustees to give the 4-2 win to Webb.  She was immediately sworn in and seated. 

Mayor Keairns continued to run the meeting in a comfortable and admirable manner.  Public participation was welcomed throughout the meeting.  And the Mayor continually made sure that each and every Trustee was included in all discussion too.  As I stated in a previous blog, Tracy Webb is a capable and experienced Trustee.  While we think this selection process may be flawed, it is still good to have this tension and  conflict behind us.  We wish the entire Board well in its effort to bring new vision, leadership and change to La Veta Town Affairs.

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Apr 19 2010

La Veta Workshop

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Tonight was the Town Workshop.  Workshops are typically not for purposes of public debate.  They are intended to be a forum whereby Town Board can discuss and  evaluate  procedural issues, planning issues and budgets.  But attendance tonight compelled the Board to allow public comments as well.  No votes or formal action was taken.

The  Workshop was on how the Trustee vacancy should be filled.  The vast majority of the group attending,  were in favor of next highest vote getter (recent 1st place loser) former Trustee Tracy Webb being elected. They felt no other alternative should even be considered?   A few new Town Board members expressed disagreement with that new approach.  There are no guidelines or ordinances regarding the proper procedure to follow.  Charges of politics, agendas and Golf Course bias were plentiful.  The somewhat one-sided lopsided audience opinion may be due to the election majority assuming there was no need to attend a workshop study handled by the board. That missing group is evidently ready for town to proceed with town issues as they see fit.  

 Town Board seems to be equally divided over the choice of first place runner-up versus invitations of interest from any new applicant, for final considerations.  Vacancies in the past have been filled by first requesting letters of interest.  So can’t the Board agree on some other local non-issue,  non-polarizing,  non-controversial  individual and reach a majority  consensus?  It seems to me that this issue may have already become unresolvable and unfortunately may require a new special election to fill that one seat vacancy.

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Apr 18 2010

La Veta Theater

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Sometimes we get asked – “But what is there to do in La Veta?” – To which we reply – “We never have time to go to everything this is going on!” – Well, last night we went to the play at the Francisco Center for the Performing Arts – DEATH BY DESSERT – directed locally by Coral Anderson and Debby Blouin, presented by The Spanish Peaks Players and performed brilliantly and heart-felt by many of our local thespians. Of course, we dressed up for our night out at the Theater, had a quick toddy at the La Veta Inn and enjoyed wonderful seats for the performance. Not only did our ticket give us murder-mystery theater – we were also wined and dined during intermission with a succulent array of over-the-top hors d’oeuvres – definitely delectable and to die for! The chocolate cake I would definitely kill for – moist and delicious! Set design was great – New York’s Little Italy – the Donnaducce family and the Duccedonni families have been feuding for a generation while operating two competing Italian restaurants that share a common wall. We even got to cast our vote for whodunit! And the majority of our audience guessed correctly! We are already looking forward to next weekend’s night out – again at the Theater for a performance of DEARLY DEPARTED – set to perform on April 23rd & 24th at 7:00 p.m. This comedy is about the Turpins, a family that proves that living and dying in the backwoods of the deep South is seldom tidy, but always hilarious. For all the upcoming events scheduled for the 2010 season, go to  We already have our reservations for dinner at The La Veta Inn before the performance It’s great to live in La Veta.    Liz

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Apr 17 2010

This Weekend

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Don’t forget this weekend’s events.

Annual Health Fair,  9:00 til 12:00,  Walsenburg

Mystery Theater, Death by Dessert, La Veta Performing Arts Center

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Apr 16 2010

April Showers

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Scattered rain showers for the Cuchara Valley Fri. and Sat.  but clearing by Sunday.  Durango-Telluride predicted for snow again.  No thank you.  Our meadows are beginning to green and look what I saw as I was heading down our road earlier today.  What a pretty site.  I will be in the Bachman Office all day Sat. so call if I can be of help.  719 742-5551  And have a really great weekend.

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