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Mar 12 2010

Talkin’ Turkey

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TomTurkey Strut

Licenses for Spring Turkey  hunting season  in Colorado become available next week.  Hunting season opens April 10 this year.  The DOW is sponsoring several hunt clinics on this wary bird.  Learn more at

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Mar 11 2010

Bachman Winter Get-a-Way

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Our Bachman and Associates brokers are offering a complimentary 2-night stay  in Cuchara for allowing us to show you some fantastic  deals on mountain condos and cabins.   That’s right,  free lodging at River’s Edge cabin,  10% discount Dinner coupon and complimentary bottle of wine at La Veta Inn’s Franciscos.  And I will show you some price-reduced buying opportunities.  Bring your snowshoes,  snowsleds or favorite book for a quiet peaceful winter retreat.   About the only conditions that apply are to spend an hour or two looking at a few great properties with me.  No obligation to buy,  but you must agree to relax and enjoy your  get-a-way.  See some of our great Cuchara Properties at   and contact me now at 877-452-8382  for more details and to book your  reservation.

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Mar 11 2010

My SnoTel Report

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Another nice snow last night.  4 inches  here at my place in the Wahatoya Valley just south of town.  This usually translates to a little less in La Veta and maybe double our amount up in Cuchara.  We have now officially passed the 200 inch mark at Cuchara.  The 20 year aver. is 250″ up there so looks like we may make it again this year by the time the season is over.

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Mar 10 2010

La Veta Cuchara Upcoming Events

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We were talking in the office yesterday about the great line-up of summer activities already scheduled for our area.  Check them out at   You can find plenty to entertain you, amuse you or confuse you. No, that’s not right.  To congregate, participate or observate. Well, take your pick.

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Mar 07 2010

Don Keairns Announces

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Don Keairns (of Charlies Market)  has announced his intention to seek the office of Mayor of La Veta.  In a full page ad in The Signature, Don expressed his concerns and his vision.  Don states his belief  … that a vital function of Town Board is to promote  economic sustainability and development, the viability of doing business in La Veta being directly related to the viability of living in La Veta.    We can collectively take decisive action not in the direction of either extreme, but in the direction of sensible moderation.

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Mar 06 2010

La Veta Trustee Responds

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Last week our good friend Trustee Tracy Webb, posted quite a list of actions and achievements of the Town Board in recent years.  It was compelling to realize how active and busy the volunteer Town Board has been.  This week our friend Sandy White has likewise posted a commentary regarding Town actions.  But he points out  there is a significant difference between reactive Town  decisions versus pro-active Town Board leadership. 

Mr. White  emphasizes what many locals have been trying to express.  Namely the responsibility of the Town Board to promote the overall prosperity, trade and economic health necessary to maintain a balanced and stable economy.   That leadership in action has been lacking.

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Mar 06 2010

Huerfano World Journal

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It’s official.  Brian and Gretchen Orr announce that their Huerfano Journal has now also acquired the Huerfano World.  We enjoy several of the Journal writers including the Orr’s,  Mary-Ann Brandon, Carol Dunn, Nancy Christofferson and Gary Rawlings.   

And  La Veta’s  The Signature also boasts great feature writers in both the Rineharts, John Manos and Steve Perkins. Lots of good storytellers, scrivners and wordsmiths here in the area.

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Mar 03 2010

Price Slashed for La Veta Inn

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La_Veta_and_Mtn-1 (Small)

We are so pleased to announce the new Listing for La Veta Inn.  And the owners have slashed the price from $995k down to $687,000 for the Deal of the Decade.  What a business opportunity this represents.  Contact me ASAP for details.  Click here to see a brief preview at

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