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Mar 31 2010

Cuchara Ski Resort

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Well it’s that time again.  Rumors are flying around about the Cuchara Ski Resort.   Has it sold?  Will it reopen?  There are nearly always some  ongoing discussions between prospective buyers, principal shareholders, lien holders, lenders, tax authorities, Forest Service and other various parties in the ski mountain resort property.   Those discussions always have a potential to produce a change in stake-holder positions of ownership, control or influence.   We believe that to be the case right now.  New positioning  may become apparent in the near future, but this may not necessarily represent a formidable new buyer with new capital and a new operating plan.  At least not just yet.  But we remain hopeful and even optimistic.   April Fools Day is tomorrow, so anything could happen I guess.

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Mar 30 2010

This weekend in La Veta

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Several great weekend events to attend in the area.  Contact me for times and details.

Apr. 1, Thursday/ Willson & McKee Scotland Tour/La Veta Library.  

Apr. 2, Friday/Open Mic Night/Parkside Gallery Bldg. in La Veta.              

Apr. 3, Saturday/DOW Big Game  Scoring Class/Lathrop Visitor Center        

Apr. 3, Saturday/Easter Egg Hunt/Rotary/La Veta Town Park  (usually snows)       

Apr. 4, Sunday/Easter Brunch/ Francisco’s/ La Veta Inn

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Mar 29 2010

Town Minutes and Contractors List

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I have recently had several inquiries for the website of  Town of La Veta Board Minutes.  Also for County Licensed Building Contractors.  So, here they are for your files.

Town of La Veta –  (Agendas-Minutes)

Licensed Contractors –   (click on Land Use in right column, scroll down to links, see #9 or #10.  2010 Licensed Contractors)

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Mar 28 2010

Wind Farm rumors blowing

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Two new separate proposals for wind turbine farms have recently circulated by Huerfano County Planning.  Just east of Walsenburg near their Johnson Field airport, a wind monitoring device has been recording for nearly 4 years.  However the airport runway setbacks could be prohibitive for that location.   Then just last week a different group ran a pre-application by Planning Board, for a development considerably east of I-25 straddling the county borders of Huerfano and Las Animas. 

Last month the Colorado State Legislature passed a new law increasing the requirements for alternative renewable energy from the current 20% up to 30%.  This is expected to bring increased Xcel Energy demand for wind farms, solar alternatives, etc.  Last Fall a similar wind farm application was declined by the County on 16 item points.  It’s proposed location in the developed Cuchara Valley Scenic Corridor was of considerable opposition.  The wide-0pen expansive Eastern plains of Huerfano County has been generally preferred as a more appropriate location for this kind of commercial industrial development activity.

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Mar 28 2010

A warming Week

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Another 8 inches Friday/Sat. now has our Cuchara season snowfall in excess of 270 inches, well above our 20 year average of 250.   We received more than 60 inches just these past few weeks of March.  And we tend to forget that March is in fact rated as one of our snowiest winter months.  Today temps are in the 50s with lots of snow melt.  Mud season has definately arrived in a big way.

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Mar 26 2010

Big Forum Turnout

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 IMG_1645 (WinCE)            IMG_1644 (WinCE)          

About 125 folks turned out for the La Veta Candidates Forum.                                                                                    

8 Candidates for the 4 open Trustee positions and 2 candidates for the Mayor slot. After opening statements, each were asked to respond to the same previously written questions submitted from the audience.  Questions and responses were for the most part very civil, thoughtful  and informative.  They were also pretty broad based, including their issues of road maintenance, growth, their definition of pro-active, goal setting  and examples of business support, or not.

It soon became clear that incumbants generally favored the existing status quo operating style, listing fiscal responsibility as their number one priority.  While new contenders favored change, looking at old problems in a new way, with economic development  (incl. Grandote Golf resolution) ranking as a high priority. All candidates also ranked street conditions and water supply as other  priority issues.  

Overall another good example of high community interest and involvement but little change in positions of those attending.  And many folks present are affected yet cannot cast a vote due to residing outside of  Town limits boundary.   Elections are Tuesday, April 6.

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Mar 24 2010

Candidates Forum Thursday Nite

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Don’t forget to attend the La Veta Town Hall Candidate’s Forum Thursday evening (tonight) at 7:00 PM at the Community Center on E. Ryus Street.  You can ask these Mayoral and Town Trustee candidates their views on important issues such as the future of La Veta, preservation of La Veta,  planned growth vs. no growth, the fiscal health of our sales tax revenues, our business sector support, the economic development tourism plan, the train, the golf course, the airport, the museum, the library, the Town water, the Town employees, the Town Judge and any other questions that you may have.  What do you want for La Veta?  What do you not want?  What is our Mission Statement?  It will be an important and lively meeting.

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Mar 24 2010

Cuchara gets 26 inches

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Cuchara received 26 inches of the white stuff in yesterday’s  snowstorm.  Rumors are the snow forced a closing of the Cuchara airport and Cuchara golf course.  Opps, my mistake, these are the issues to be discussed at the La Veta Town Candidates Forum tomorrow.  Don’t miss it.

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Mar 24 2010

snow ending?

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Well it has finally began snowing much lighter.  I think we may clear up within a few hours now.  Had about 16 inches here at the house before it started packing down and melting some.  Have plowed the drive once all ready, but it will need it again for sure.

IMG_1631 (Small)



IMG_1627 (Small)

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Mar 24 2010

…and still snowing

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It began snowing about dark last evening.  We have at least a foot here in the Wahatoya Valley this morning.  And still snowing heavy right now.  Dan & Sheri may be seeing nearly 2 feet up in Cuchara soon.  They could be out plowing all morning in Cuchara and I guess I had better get started on my long driveway road too.

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