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Feb 03 2010

Grandote Reviews

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Considerable time was allocated last night for the two Grandote Annexation discussions.  Mayor Schmidt  tried to keep a tight rein on public comments, but sometimes needed a whip and chair to tame the  crowd.  In the end, Mayor Schmidt and Trustee Dawn Blanken had the most interaction with the audience but limited  some discussion of the proposals based on current Litigation concerns. ???

Bruce Cantrell presented a unique and creative proposal that should be considered.  It was evident that he has also done considerable research of the issues.  One item evolved around the basic fact that only about 50 acres of Grandote need be charged the development  impact costs, since the other 150 acres were simply existing golf fairways and greens.  A major item was his opinion  that water adequacy should not be such a roadblock, as his info. suggests that La Veta has more than adequate resources and supply.   Cantrell offerred to host a water workshop and bring in water attorneys and engineers to discuss that in more depth with the Board.  Town should grab that opportunity.

Dwight Harrison presented his proposal, along with a  Settlement Offer from Dr. Briggs.  Harrison was an original founder of Grandote and has personal knowledge of background issues. He presented a passionate plea for an amicable solution of settlement and cooperation between the Parties going forward.  After some audience pressure, the Mayor allowed Harrison to read the proposed Settlement terms into the record.  It was simple and straightforward, but was unfortunately, revolved around the continuing requirement that the entire property by immediately recognized as annexed into the Town,  thus avoiding a new application petition.  (This was the critical issue of the recent lawsuit that found in favor of the Town, that Grandote is in fact NOT annexed at this time. Briggs is currently appealing that court ruling).

No action was taken by the Board but it is certainly hoped that these  exchanges will stimulate and encourage both participation and cooperation toward getting Grandote back on a path that benefits the Town.  Litigation is rarely the best path. The individual members of Town Board are no doubt sincere volunteers that bear the burden of overall Town Management.   For that, they should be most appreciated.  But they seem to take a hands-off approach to fiscal economic development or flexible incentives.  To me, the stakes are pretty high right now.  It does remain hard for me to see the positive in the Town response to the issues surrounding Grandote.

The Town Board answer continues to be limited to, …then Briggs should file a new Application for Annexation,  end of story.   And Dr. Briggs continues to reply, …  the previous annexation and water agreements should still  be validated (in spite of Court decisions to the contrary)

Where will we find the compromise?   The outcome and economic impact of this saga will continue to be felt for years if this is not resolved.

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Feb 02 2010

Colorado Hunting

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