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Jan 12 2010

Chamber Meets

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Our Chamber of Commerce had a large turnout at the regular monthly meeting.  Among other business it was also agreed to send letter of invitation for Grandote Peaks owner to come visit with the Chamber or the entire community concerning his plans.   The Board is planning a winter retreat work session later in February.

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Jan 12 2010

Warmer than Tampa

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After 2 weeks a cold weather, we welcome a springlike break.  La Veta is forecasted to hit 62 degrees today.  That is warmer than Dallas, Houston, Atlanta and Tampa.

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Jan 10 2010

Town Hall Turnout

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As expected, a full house standing-room only crowd turned out for the Town Meeting.  Attendance appeared to be over 150 folks.  The entire Board of Trustees were present.  Mayor Schmidt announced that the purpose of the meeting was to answer questions regarding the Town’s position on Grandote Peaks Golf issues. 

The first few questions quickly challenged the Board regarding their apparent lack of support for local businesses and especially as relates to Grandote Peaks. Based upon several outbursts of applause, the audience appeared to be comprised of a majority that were  concerned about the Town’s actions, while a significant but somewhat smaller number felt that the Town has and continues to handle matters appropriately. 

Early on  it was suggested that the Mayor needed to provide some background and overview of Grandote annexations, water permits, etc. from its beginning, including the 1987 Agreement which is now in contention.  Following that presentation, the floor again submitted questions for the next hour which were fielded by one or more of the Trustees.  A number of audience members attempted to simply express their concern, acknowledge a lack of  understanding,  pose  suggestions and plea for unity and co-operation among the townspeople, the Board and Grandote.  Due to the meeting format being limited to specific questions, those comments were usually cut short.  The meeting closed with perhaps a broader understanding of the issues and the Board’s actions but few minds, if any, were ultimately changed.

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Jan 08 2010

La Veta Town Hall Meeting

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The La Veta Town Board of Trustees has announced that it is holding an open Town Hall Meeting this Saturday, Jan.9, at 6:00 PM in the La Veta Community Center on E. Ryus St.  According to reports, the Town Meeting is to be limited to the discussion of the recently announced closure of the Grandote Peaks Golf Course.  The Town has recently come under criticism aimed at its perceived lack of support for the business community in general and more specifically the golf course.  And others have come to the defense of the Town’s actions. I expect a big turn-out for this one.

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Jan 04 2010

Gym Update

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This past Saturday was Open House at the fitness gym in La Veta.  And what a great turn-out.  More than 60 new club memberships were signed.  We are so very pleased at the community response and happy to see the gym back on the path of achieving economic viability.  Special thanks also go out to Gym Owners Denny and J Patterson for again supporting this effort.

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Jan 01 2010

Happy New Year

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We want to always sincerely thank each of you for your friendship and support this past year. We wish you each good health, wealth and happiness in 2010 with new fun-filled adventures, whatever they may be.

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