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Oct 17 2009

the Buglers

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For the past week I have enjoyed my early morning coffee on the front porch, listening to the elk bugle.  About 30 minutes before daylight, the bulls seem to be the most active in whistling up their cows and bugling challenges at the other bulls.  I am surprised that they are here in the lower valleys already since we have had very little snow yet to drive them down from the high timber country.  Maybe they are predicting a big winter snow season ahead.  Meanwhile, I will just continue to enjoy their mating songs.

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Oct 15 2009

Railroad Depot

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The Rio Grande Scenic Railroad has recently expressed an interest in purchasing the La Veta Depot currently housing Town Hall offices.  Last month the railroad entered into a short-term lease for a small portion of the depot building, to be used for their ticket sales and reservations.  The scenic train has shown nice increases in passengers the past few seasons due in part to its concerts on top of La Veta Pass.  Local La Veta businesses and restaurants have seen an increase in their sales from the tourists. Mayor Schmidt expressed some concern regarding selling the Depot due to its historic nature and connection to la Veta, but agreed that the Board would entertain an offer that would be deemed “to good to refuse”.  He also stressed that any sale must then be approved by voters at an election.

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Oct 10 2009

Opening Day

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Today begins the big game rifle season for Elk Hunting in Colorado.  The yellow fall colors on the hillsides will become mixed with florescent  blaze orange vests. And all the old bull elk will no doubt go into hiding.

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Oct 08 2009

Fall Weather

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IMG_1359 (Small)

Temps. yesterday in the 60’s.  Today’s high in the 30’s.  October weather is always interesting to say the least.  Second snow flurries of the season stretched across southern Colorado.  Nearly 5 inches YTD up in Cuchara mountains.  So a good start toward the average 250 inches per year up there above 8,600 feet elevation.

IMG_1358 (Small)       IMG_1355 (Small)

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Oct 06 2009

Mandatory Loan Modifications?

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Capitol Hill housing and mortgage lobbyists were buzzing last week about an aggressive new legislative proposal that could put tens of thousands of financially-stressed home owners into loan modifications, even if their lenders and loan servicers had to be dragged kicking and yelling to the negotiating table.

Under the new bill, which was sponsored by four Democratic senators active in housing issues, all lenders and servicers operating in the U.S. would be prohibited from foreclosing on home owners unless they had discussed reasonable modification options with the borrowers.  Lenders who didn’t comply would be hit by stiff fines and other legal penalties.

See the complete details by clicking  on the Loan Modifications Page tab.  

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Oct 06 2009

Timbers Restaurant Closes

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The Timbers Restaurant and Cuchara Inn has not only closed for the season, but maybe closed for good under current ownership.  Last Friday the property was foreclosed and sold at public auction.  Only bidder was the mortgage lien holder who has now taken title.

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Oct 04 2009

Fun, Food and Dancing

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The beautiful Fall weather co-operated this weekend for a wonderful Oktoberfest Celebration here.  Hundreds of folks filled the street with dancing, beer gardens, music, polka, vintage cars, food and gifts.

  IMG_1351 (Small)    IMG_1340 (Small)

     IMG_1345 (Small)     IMG_1341 (Small)

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Oct 03 2009


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Today is the annual Oktoberfest celebration in La Veta.  Beautiful Fall weather for street dancing, vendors, German Polka and umpah bands.  Foliage colors are beautiful right now and we expect a big turnout this weekend.

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