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Jun 17 2009

Just Listed

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This wonderful custom home in La Veta has just come on the market. It’s worth a drive-by just to see the beautiful gardens.  View it now, at

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Jun 16 2009

More Valley Cell Coverage?

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A new cell phone tower?  For Cuchara?  After several years of asking for improved cell phone signal coverage we may soon have our wishes granted three-fold.  Six months ago La Veta approved cell antenna panels from CommNet.  That mostly helped our AT&T coverage. Then just 10 days ago the Mayor announced that Alltel has been granted similar antennas approval.  Now how about  Verizon?

 Well last week, the Huerfano County Planning Commission approved a 60 ft. mono-pole cell tower by CommNet Wireless to be located adjacent to the Cuchara Water Sanitation District tank in Pinehaven.  Business leaders,  Emergency Agencies and Cuchara residents applauded the Planning Commission approval.  The Signature reports that it will handle multiple signals for Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T.   Final approval is expected to be granted this week by the County Commissioners at their June 17 Meeting.    

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Jun 16 2009

Cuchara River Cabin

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I have just Listed a great little Cuchara Cabin.  On 2 lots, bordering the Cuchara River and a fishing pond right on your property too.  Priced at an affordable $298,000.  Call for details. 

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Jun 15 2009

Cell Phones

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More changes in the area include our cell phone service providers. The recent cell phone antenna at La Veta Town Lakes helped the signal reception for some carriers more than others. Mayor Schmidt has announced that Alltel will be putting an antenna on the other water tower as well.  But we now hear that after Verizon just acquired Alltel, now AT&T is acquiring Verizon. Stay tuned for signal updates.

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Jun 10 2009

Extension Agent Leaves

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Our pal Jim Conley has resigned after 7 years as C.S.U. Extension Agent for Huerfano County. We have relied on Jim for weed identification, grazing capacity, gardening and a host of other ag. information.  He joins the US Dept. of Agriculture in Washington, DC. We will miss Jim and Ann greatly for their many contributions.

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Jun 07 2009

Inn at the Spanish Peaks

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And we have also just listed the Inn at the Spanish Peaks at La Veta.  This fabulous southwestern style B & B has been very popular here in the Cuchara Valley.  Bill wants to play more golf,  so it can be yours now for $795,000.  Call me today for more details.

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Jun 02 2009

Dog Bar

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The Dog Bar is back on the market for sale.  Yep, the historic Cuchara restaurant is still serving those great burgers this summer but we hear that they hope to be under new Ownership before fall.

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Jun 02 2009

Economic Forecasts

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from National Association of Realtors…

Forecasters Say Recession Nearing End
More than 90 percent of economists think the recession is nearing its end, but they don’t expect the economy to soar anytime soon.

Nearly 75 percent of economists, surveyed by the National Association for Business Economics, say that the recession will end in the third quarter. Another 19 percent think the turnaround will come in the fourth quarter. The rest are betting on the first quarter of 2010.

Americans seem to believe that things are getting better too. The Conference Board’s Consumer Confidence Index rose 14.1 points in May to 54.9, the second month in a row in which there have been an increase.

Forecasters say that home sales will bottom out in the second quarter, an important stabilizing factor.

Source: The Associated Press, Jeannine Aversa (05/27/2009)

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