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Apr 11 2009

Hobby Ranches

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Some owners of recreational ranches may also qualify for IRS tax deductions and losses.  But the tests for qualifying are oftentimes overlooked or misunderstood.  Click this Cattlegrowers blog link for an overview of IRS Guidelines.  Next week I will write about some general County guidelines for retaining your Ag. real estate tax status. As always, check with your qualified CPA or tax attorney for specific advice.

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Apr 04 2009

Back to Work

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We enjoyed a wonderful week in Washington and right back to work.  Then had a very busy week back here with 2 Closings on Friday.  Congrats. to the Eddys, the Halls, the Rundells and Sarah G.

Our trip was a great break.  We stayed near Georgetown in a small vintage historical hotel and enjoyed fantastic meals all week.  Toured about everything that you can see in 7 days.  It was really special, but it’s always good to come home too.

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