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Apr 28 2009

the Stalk

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My good friend and outdoorsman Bill Munroe sent this great photo.  Taken from a night motion detect camera, it’s a one in a thousand photo. Thanks for sharing Bill.

We do have a few mountain lions here in the valley.  Seeing them is a rarity though.  Our neighbor Al Clymer has already seen one with her cub,  up on Wahatoya Mesa this Spring. 


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Apr 27 2009

Keffeler Sale Closes

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Our congratulations to the Keffelers on the recent closing of the sale on their Huajatolla  Valley Country Home.  They are looking forward to more time for more golf this year.

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Apr 22 2009

Echo Guest Ranch Map

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We have had lots of interest in the Echo Ranch listing.  I should have the complete brochure, inventory and photos finalized within the week.  Meanwhile, here is a fun little map depicting the locations of the Lodge and Cabins.  See listing details at


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Apr 21 2009

Pricing for the Curve

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A concept of pricing ahead of the Market is based on the fact the market is nearly always moving, maybe up or maybe down.  It seldom remains flat and static for very long. So if prices are rising, then it is a Seller’s market and you can sometimes price ahead of that rising curve.  But if prices are falling, then the same holds true.  If the market is declining, then Buyers are concerned about paying what a property may be worth “today”, because they fear that it may be worth less tomorrow.   In a down market Sellers are therefore urged to get ahead of the market curve rather than to simply continuing to follow it down.

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Apr 20 2009

Weather Report

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The weekend snows were typical springtime heavy wet snow.  The moisture will be great for the valley area this spring.  We received about 10 inches right in La Veta and 14 to 18 inches farther up tpward the foothills.  Measurements would have been more, but at just above freezing, much of the snow was melting as it hit the warmer soil.  This week’s forcast calls for temps. back up into the 60’s so snow won’t last long.

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Apr 16 2009

Spring ThunderSnow

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Springtime in the Rockies.  Predictions call for our biggest snow of the season over the next 2 days.  Heavy rain showers in eastern Colorado.  Only 2 to 3 inches of snow forecasted for Pueblo just 60 miles north of us.  But 12 to 24 inches of snow, for the La Veta area.  Will let you know if this pans out. 

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Apr 15 2009

Carbon Monoxide Law

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Beginning July 1, 2009, Sellers of residential property in Colorado must provide a carbon monoxide alarm at each bedroom entry, if the residence contains a fuel-fired heater or appliance, a fireplace, or an attached garage. 

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Apr 13 2009

Bear Sightings

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With Spring showers now underway we will begin to see black bear roaming soon.  And as the scrub oak also begins to leaf soon, the bears become more difficult to detect when walking.  Care should be exercised and John Frederick of Tres Valles POA has sent out emails and provided a link to Colorado Dept. of Wildlife bear-care.  Thank you John for your precautionary reminder. Click the D.O.W. pdf file to view.                                 april-means-bears-emerge-from-hibernation.pdf

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Apr 13 2009

Spring Snow

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It snowed all day long on Easter Sunday.  We received about 8 inches right here in La Veta.  Up on the passes, 18 to 20 inches.  A most welcomed wet spring snow.

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Apr 12 2009

Easter Morning

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Easter sunrise brings us a clean, pure blanket of snow to cleanse our spirit and valley.

easter-morning-snow-09-small.jpg  easter-bunnies-09-small.jpg easter-snow-09-small.jpg

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