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Feb 12 2009

General Contractor’s Test

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La Veta Town Board recently passed a Resolution requiring all licensed building contractors to pass a test before obtaining their license.  Huerfano County is currently considering the same type of requirement.  It is hoped that this requirement will insure that an adequate level of competenancy exists for licensed contractors. Hmmm?

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Feb 11 2009

Wind Farm

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Representatives met with County Commissioners last week to discuss a proposed wind farm on the Travis Crawford Ranch north La Veta.  Located adjacent to Hwy. 160 off County 520, the Ranch was previously on the market as the Silver Mountain Preserve. 

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Feb 10 2009

Grandote Replat Approved

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La Veta Town Board has given final approval to the requested replat of lots at Grandote Peaks Golf Club.  The new Plat provides for 10 Lots to be located between the entrance road and the driving range.  The lots are for single family homes and two duplex lots. 

In other news, Grandote also announced a significant increase in the annual membership dues for golf.  Minimum membership fee went from $675 to $1,350 per year and full unlimited membership can cost up to $2,500.  Yikes!  The Club defended the increase saying dues have not been increased in 13 years.  But neither has the Clubhouse facility improved much in 13 years either.  We feel fortunate to have such a great local course but considering the economic times, the fee increase has met with resistance. Regular green fees increased $10 to $65 during the week and $75 on weekends.  Let’s hope for some weekday afternoon Specials.

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Feb 09 2009

Valentine’s Play

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Francisco Center for the Performing Arts will have two performances of Love Letters for Valentine’s.  Betty Brown and Stirling Lathrop are featured in this show to be performed Sat. the 14th and again Sunday the 15th in La Veta. 

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Feb 08 2009

Colorado Business Express

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Colorado Association of Realtors just posted an article in our Newsletter that may be of interest to many of you.  Not about Real Estate particularly, but about Business.  The new Colorado State website connects us directly to the Secretary of State Records and much, much more.  


Business Express is a new web service to provide Colorado business owners a single site where they can easily access all information necessary to interact with state government.  Until now, businesses had to contact each agency separately to get the same information.  With the new system, business owners can use Colorado Business Express to access the Secretary of State’s website to register their business entity, and get information on how to apply for a state sales tax license from the Department of Revenue or an unemployment insurance identification number from the Department of Labor and Employment.  The new service also links directly to the Internal Revenue Service’s online system, allowing users to quickly get a Federal Employer Identification Number.  


This is the first time a project of this magnitude has been undertaken jointly by these agencies to benefit the business community.  The new website is accessible at  

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Feb 06 2009

IRA for Real Estate

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Several years ago we elected to get our IRA retirement funds out of the stock market so we put our funds in a self-directed I.R.A.  From that, we have made several small investment purchases of real estate in La Veta and Cuchara.  There are sure pros and cons to this and at times we found it cumbersome, but over-all we have been quite pleased with our decision.  See this link for more ideas,

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Feb 05 2009

Bald Eagles Landed

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 eagle-1-2.jpg            eagle-resting-2.jpg

Each year in February, we see the migratory arrival of a beautiful pair of Bald Eagles at the La Veta Town Lakes.  They just arrived yesterday and will stay from 2 to 3 weeks before continuing on their journey.  This year they got a welcomed surprise when the ice was off much of the lake and their fishing opportunities were good.  Click on their photo to enlarge.

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Feb 05 2009

February Golf

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grant-geese-medium.jpgOur springlike thaw has even brought some golfers out to the course.  February golf in La Veta is pretty rare.  We are experiencing 40 degree temperature swings which is really not too unusual for Colorado.  Low temps. of 20 at night with highs reaching 60 in the afternoon.   

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Feb 05 2009


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I love seeing new ways to simplify getting info. on the Internet.  And Google has done it again.  Tired of looking for a phone number?  Click here for latestest cybertips from RealtyTimes.  
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Feb 05 2009

Master Gardening

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Our local area libraries, in conjunction with C.S.U., are offering a Master Gardner of Huerfano County series of classes.  Mountain food gardeners Penn and Cord Parmenter host the vegetable garden workshop on Saturday, Feb. 14 at the Huerfano County Community Center in Walsenburg.  Come join them to learn mountain gardening tips on plants and temperatures, wind, deer and bear as they impact your gardening.

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