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Jan 15 2009

FICO Credit Score

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Interest Rates for mortgage loans are approaching 5%.  This is the lowest they have been in over 30 years.  And banks claim to have mortgage money now and to be seeking good loans (?)  Well, maybe so, but their lending criteria seems to be much tougher these days.  And in the midst of all this, a new proposed FICO Credit Scoring method is about to be implemented.  Some good news and some bad, in the new method.  And little mention of the damage we have been seeing on scores due to “excessive credit inquiries”.  But you may as well be familiar, so read the complete article here:  

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Jan 10 2009

What a Moon

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The big full moon is really beautiful here over the Cuchara Valley.  We received about 6 inches of snow on Friday.  Snow ended about 9:00 PM , clouds broke and the full moon came out.  Now a full moon over a fresh blanket of snow makes for the brightest night you can imagine.  And up early this morning it is still just as beautiful.  As the cowboy song goes, “the moon was as bright as a reading light”.

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Jan 02 2009

Happy New Year

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We wish each of you a happy, health and prosperous New Year. 

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