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Jan 31 2009

Navajo Resort

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Our congratulations to David Bearden and Jan, Ft. Worth,TX on their purchase of a great house in Navajo Resort.  They plan to spend part-time here while they are  building next year on their new lot in Tres Valles.  Thanks Dave & Jan for allowing me to help in your purchase transaction.

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Jan 30 2009

Cell Tower Antennas

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Several La Veta residents with AT&T Comnet cell phones have recently reported greatly improved reception.  But those of us on Alltel or Verizon have mixed results.  Mayor Schmidt reports that all antenna fees have been paid but the Town does not know what carriers are functioning or plan to operate off the water tower antennas. 

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Jan 29 2009

Fire Destroys Cabin

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Fire totally destroyed the Paradise Acres mountain cabin of Jerry & Cheryl Park last week.  The Parks were at their winter home in Arkansas at the time of the fire.  Firefighters from La Veta Fire Protection District responded but the cabin was a total loss.  Cause of the evening blaze has yet to be determined. 

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Jan 28 2009

La Veta Water Lines

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This week is nearing completion of the new water pipelines for La Veta residences.  This huge project will have replaced all the old water lines in town.  Homes and business have dealt with the construction inconvenience for several months now but usually no more than one block of traffice closed off at a time. 

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Jan 27 2009

Grandote Peaks Subdivision

Grandote Peaks and Town of La Veta may have finally settled several of the contentious issues between the two.  The Town has recognized that the existing Grandote lots are indeed within the Town Limits.  Town has also agreed that this means they will provide road maintenance on the existing primary corridors.  Grandote is now going before the Town (not the County) seeking approval of final plat for ten additional lots, including some duplexes. 

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Jan 26 2009

Congratulations to Buyers

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Congratulations to the Molls on their recent purchase of our Listing on the great acreage up School Creek Road.  We are pleased to have had the opportunity to participate with you in that transaction.

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Jan 25 2009

Snow Flurries?

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After over a week with temperatures reaching well into the 50’s, snow flurries are predicted for Monday.  Cuchara reports 131 inches snowfall to date this winter, which is about 1/2 way to our historical average for the entire Season.  La Veta seems well below average to date.  We all know that Feb./Mar. are our snowiest months of the year.  And if it doesn’t start snowing soon, the hay farmers and ranchers will be curtailed on their summer irrigation ditch water.  So, let it snow.

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Jan 23 2009

Where’s a Fax?

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Cybertip:  If you have internet access, you can always send your fax.  And it’s FREE.  check it out at   

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Jan 19 2009

Clear Weather

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 indy-cressie-small.jpg  Cold nights with warm days.  The temperature should hit over 50 degrees today.  That’s nearly 20 degrees above January average.  And the horses are loving it.

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Jan 17 2009

New Site Launched

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home_bg2-3.jpg  We have finally launched our new and improved website design.  It offers better photos, copy and navigation than ever.  The search possibilities and match criteria make it easier than ever to find the property you are looking for. Check it out today at same address

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