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Aug 17 2008

August SNOW

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Can you believe this photo I took today from our front porch?  August snow.  We have had a very cool weather front with 3 days of light drizzle rain.  Just about froze out our Stonewall Cycling Ride.  It cancelled the Pikes Peak marathon run. 


Rains measured 3.25 inches thru today and we expect another day or so of the wet weather before retuning to the 80s.   This snow was gone by afternoon but a pretty morning sight nonetheless.

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Aug 16 2008

Real Estate Activity

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We ended the week on a good note.  I Closed yesterday on the sale of a nice 40 acre land parcel for $268,000 and got a contract in for the Mountain View Ranch home on 160 acres for $672,000.  We are seeing a little more Buyer activity every week and there is still lots of great inventory to choose from.  So come on over.

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Aug 16 2008

Wet Weekend

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Cyclists are in for a cool, wet ride today as the Annual Stonewall Century Ride starts from La Veta this morning. Temperatures dropped into the 50’s yesterday as a slow-moving cool front settled in, bringing rain showers throughout the valley.  Forecast calls for clearing weather and warmer temps. starting this afternoon.  

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Aug 08 2008

YouTube Video

I have recently developed a DVD video of the Cuchara Valley area (including some of my Listings of course).  When we launch my new website design it will include the video.  But in the interim, I have also posted it on YouTube.  Now if you have slow dial-up, like me, then hit pause and give it at least several minutes to load the streaming video ahead of your viewing. 

The YouTube quality is not nearly as good as the original DVD but you may enjoy seeing it anyway.  And to the first requests, I will send you the original DVD to enjoy on your own computer or television DVD player, at no charge. That’s right, FREE, while supply lasts.  Post your request as a response below and then drop me an email with your mailing address.  To view the youtube video posting, click

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Aug 08 2008

Cellphone Towers?

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Applications for cell antenna/towers are once again creating a local stir.  Not so much the towers themselves, but where they will be placed.  Everyone acknowledges that we have sparse reception now and a new tower would improve the convenience and safety as well.  But where to put them?

 Alltel has proposed putting a small booster antenna onto the Town’s Water Tower west of the Town Lakes.  Town Council has agreed to consider the request.  And another tower applicant has appeared before Huerfano County P & Z to request a taller tower (up to 180 ft.) on private property, just north of the Town Lakes.  A Public Hearing on this one will be held Aug. 19 in the Walsenburg Community Center. 

Both applicants have previously stated that the area of the Town Lakes is the most feasible antenna location for signal strength and coverage.  Unfortunately, that area also represents a scenic view corridor that locals wish to protect and preserve. 

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