Apr 21 2010

Election Response

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My previous blog post generated more comments than I have ever received. I think the majority may have disagreed with my opinions re. the Trustee vacancy. But luckily, they were all just personal opinions.  It did generate discussion and that’s what blogs are for.  And each was important for them to share. A few were supportive, many were passionate, some confused, some frustrated and some close to anger. But few, if  any, seemed bordering on being mean spirited.  I briefly questioned whether I should have put my own views out there.   But my great wife supported the entire process and comments with a reaction that I asked her to post for all to see.  

Jerry and I moved to La Veta 10 years ago. Something about this town grabbed us in some indescribable,  incredible way. Other places where we’d lived, we had jobs and lived our lives pretty quietly. Here in La Veta, something different happened to us.  We realized that we could make a difference, get involved, try new careers – it’s been a truly growing experience just about every day. This recent election and filling of the vacant Trustee position has made this growing experience even more apparent.

I have two close friends whom I dearly love. We view the current political issue in totally different ways and we know it, we don’t hide it. But a wonderful feeling has come out of this through our recent discussions. We freely acknowledge the right to the other’s opinion and respect and honor that opinion – but the friendship is the most important part to each of us. In the end, we were each able to tell each other how we felt on this political outcome and then we gave each other a hug. We all want only good things for our little town of La Veta. Jerry and I sincerely wish our entire Town Board the best in the days and years ahead. May they be guided to make wise decisions for the benefit of all of our La Veta, Cuchara and Valley area residents and guests.   Liz Henson

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  1. phiaon 21 Apr 2010 at 11:35 pm

    We live in a fabulous country full of diversoty. I was once told –you come into this area and you are either sucked into the vortex, or you travel on. The ancestor who came in 1815 wrote in ways that indicate the vortex has been here for centuries, much as Colonel Francisco did. Here, we have an added value – we can (and have) gathered and joined our voices in “America the Beautiful”…and MEANT it! Though we come from differing points of view, we ALL have passion…[to me that is when America is at it’s best] and, I agree We all want only good things for our little town of La Veta and the area as a whole!

  2. phiaon 21 Apr 2010 at 11:37 pm

    Jerry, this is your blog. Of COURSE you should express yourself! As others have responded, I too appreciate the fact you leave the “comments on”!!

  3. Jerryon 22 Apr 2010 at 7:11 am

    Great posts Phia. Thanks so much.

  4. Blessed333on 22 Apr 2010 at 10:18 am

    Thanks Liz for your insight ~ it’s all about dignity and respect for each other, especially in light of our differing opinions of which many are very passionate about that beautiful valley!

    I pray the new mayor and town board will represent the people of LaVeta and surrounding areas by striving to do what’s best for the greater good.

  5. WWon 22 Apr 2010 at 11:56 am

    I’ll echo phia – this is your house Jerry and you are free to say whatever you wish. I for one appreciate the forum and have enjoyed so far the interaction.

  6. Politically Incorrecton 22 Apr 2010 at 1:46 pm

    Jerry, I love reading your blogs and I do so everyday so please feel comfortable to state your opinions, ’tis your blog after all.
    I mean it, you do a better job of covering the issues than The Signature newspaper. Thank you. =)