Mar 26 2010

Big Forum Turnout

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About 125 folks turned out for the La Veta Candidates Forum.                                                                                    

8 Candidates for the 4 open Trustee positions and 2 candidates for the Mayor slot. After opening statements, each were asked to respond to the same previously written questions submitted from the audience.  Questions and responses were for the most part very civil, thoughtful  and informative.  They were also pretty broad based, including their issues of road maintenance, growth, their definition of pro-active, goal setting  and examples of business support, or not.

It soon became clear that incumbants generally favored the existing status quo operating style, listing fiscal responsibility as their number one priority.  While new contenders favored change, looking at old problems in a new way, with economic development  (incl. Grandote Golf resolution) ranking as a high priority. All candidates also ranked street conditions and water supply as other  priority issues.  

Overall another good example of high community interest and involvement but little change in positions of those attending.  And many folks present are affected yet cannot cast a vote due to residing outside of  Town limits boundary.   Elections are Tuesday, April 6.

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  1. Lee Folseon 02 Apr 2010 at 1:59 pm

    Lets hope changes are made in the upcoming election. How many more businesses must close before the voters wakeup