Mar 21 2010

The 5 Key Terms of Offer (Part 1)

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Last week several purchase contract offers came in on the same property within 2 days of each other.  The Seller had the chance to review each before deciding.  And two had very similar contract prices and conditions.  I spent considerable time with my client reviewing the strengths of any offer besides the price.  Then just this week I saw a real estate article that covered the same subject and issues, as I had done.  I don’t presume to give legal advise but maybe providing these financial ideas will be a help to you too.

What are the value elements besides price, that make one contract preferable to another?  There are at least 5 major things you need to consider in evaluating an offer. You need to recognize these because the other party probably is.  Throughout the week I will offer my views on each of these 5 crucial issues.    Stay tuned.

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