Jan 18 2010

A Few Days Off

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I missed posting the past week while taking a trip down to Waco,  catching up with relatives and visiting my dear Mother. We went by driving tour this time.  Saw lots of small towns nearly boarded up and empty now.  A sad sign of the changing times I guess.  But also saw a few bustling little towns with smiling faces and seemingly healthy economies.

Biggest change might have been Childress, TX.  Two new hotels, two new restaurants, several other new businesses, etc.   With no apparent tourist attraction nor industry boom, we were puzzled.  We asked several, to what they owed their apparent economic health.  They each just smiled and said “nothing in particular”.  “We do always try to get along, to trade locally and to help each other.”  A busier highway thru town may be helping them too, but they sure show the value of just getting along and helping each other.

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