Nov 30 2008

Small Town Woes

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Like many small towns, in La Veta we have not experienced the enormity of real estate  woes seen elsewhere.  Buyers are sure down in total numbers but Market values are still within 90% to 95% of a year ago.  Few people here are effected by toxic mortgages and forclosures are still pretty rare.  So imagine our shock to recently find that our own small town Doctor was being foreclosed. 

Like most small town “country doctors”, his practice was always busy but not highly profitable.  We have our share of folks that can’t pay and even a few that probably just won’t, even if they can.  Little did we realize that his property taxes have gone up, his malpractice insurance is up, his Medicare claims are up and his collections and reimbursements are down.  Without malpractice coverage he also loses hospital practice privileges.  And our small hospital is in no financial position to help him out either. 

Our community has held fund raisers, auctions and bake-sales to benefit his clinic.  Last week our grand total has now reached over $13,000 in donations.  A nice gesture, but can it possibly be enough to rescue our doctor and his ailing clinic.  I don’t think so.  So in this time of thanks, holidays and giving, please remember to express your thanks and appreciation to your own small town doctor. And your preachers, teachers, butchers, bakers, firemen and mechanics too.  You may never know who was really in need, but we truly need them all. 

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