Aug 10 2011

Roller Coasters or Bungee Jumping

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IMG_3988The Mountain Resort had planned a Zip Line, but that’s no more exciting than our current stock market rides. What a week.  Well as life keeps pushing you right to the edge, take a moment and contemplate on the banks of our little Bear Lake near Cuchara like I did last week.  Only 3 miles off the paved highway and a thousand miles off the fast track of life.

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  1. b noteon 16 Aug 2011 at 7:26 am

    Good thing we have places like Bear lake to visit. Ride your bike or hike to the lake from Cuchara and you will forget about zip lines and coasters. The bike ride from the lake back to Cuchara is better than any man made ride I have been on. That beer at the Dog bar tastes better after spending time in the woods!!!