Mar 28 2008

Moratorium on Local Gas Exploration

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Presco Energy has recently applied to Huerfano County for test gas drilling permits in Majors Ranch and other areas north and east of La Veta.  In a recent public hearing meeting, the County Planning Commission approved a recommendation to the County Commissioners, that would essentially place a moratorium on new permits until January 1, 2009.  This 9 months will provide the County an opportunity to speak with La Plata and other similar counties that have developed strict standards on new drilling permits.  We should all applaude the efforts of our County to protect property rights and public environmental concerns.  We are all “stewards” of the land and hold a responsibility for conservation and preservation, as well as honoring rights of mineral holders and owners.   

In Colorado, mineral rights are different from surface rights and have in most cases been severed from the property.  Property owners are increasingly speaking up concerning their property rights and the inequity of benefits accrued from energy exploration.  Others have felt the damaging impact of exploration regarding our rural lifestyle and scenic setting.  Like Rifle and Durango, our neighbors right here in Weston and Aguilar have experienced the adverse changes brought about from recent methane gas production. 

With the current high energy prices and squeezed revenues of State and County,  don’t think that oil & gas development will be phased out anytime soon.  Owners and Lessees of mineral rights have acquired those rights at some time in the past and now rightfully intend to recover their investment by extraction of those minerals.   But we must develop ways to regulate and manage the mineral resources without totally disregarding the rights of surface property owners as well as our lifestyles and landscapes. 

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  1. Jerryon 31 Mar 2008 at 7:33 pm

    UPDATE — Today the State Oil & Gas Commission released a proposed “DRAFT” of new Regulations for permitting wells. Read the initial comments in the Rocky Mountain News. and in the Denver Post.