Jun 28 2011

Huerfano Planning & Zoning

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I spent all afternoon at the County P & Z Hearing.  Great turnout (over 250) and excellent speakers armed with facts and passion both.  A proposal was circulated asking for a brief moratorium on acceptance or for 7 conditions to be attached. And the public did indeed get to express their concerns. But P&Z ended up still sending on to Commissioners tomorrow with recommendation for approval, after adding only a few minor conditions that are probably not well defined nor enforceable.  Davis got some road and truck criteria defined and Lonnie Brown did get one good condition added on water sample testing and monitoring but otherwise no other major conditions were added except good faith efforts to work together and best efforts to comply, etc.

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  1. Barb Kowalikon 30 Jun 2011 at 7:53 pm

    For those who weren’t at the P&Z hearing on June 28.. 3+ hours of well documented, researched, studied testimony was given to try to put safeguards on the fracking, open flames, diesel generators for many months, heavy truck traffic from hundreds of huge trucks, a huge 300-400 foot rig, a 225 x 110 x 14 ft deep pit to hold toxic frack fluids and produced water to evaporate into La Veta which is only 2 miles downwind. It’s sick. P&Z did get a water testing condition to be sent to the Commissioners the next day, along with road signage and work, and a forum/dialogue between citizens and Shell. Commissioners voted the next morning and threw us all under the bus. Water testing is minimal, did put a bond on road damage, request that Shell hire locals (which they have very strict requirments.. so they won’t), but none of our very important 7 Safeguards were considered. Over 200 concerned citizens were there… I thought this was a democracy. Guess I was wrong. This is the biggest change to our county ever.. ever… and will likely do incredible damage to our pristine valley, water and air. So so sad.

  2. Barb Kowalikon 30 Jun 2011 at 7:56 pm

    Oh, and I forgot to say that our Local government Designee, the county administrator, decided to sit on announcing the pending permit til the 20 day comment period at COGCC was over, causing our citizenry and the town of La Veta to have their comments ‘waived’.