Jun 27 2011

Huerfano Citizens To Speak Out

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Tomorrow is a big day for Citizen Coalition to voice their dismay and displeasure regarding Shell application for an exploratory well just west of La Veta utilizing  “well fracking”  methods. The Huerfano County Commissioners and Manager seem to have disregarded public right and need for in depth hearings on another important valley matter. 

The public outcry has been heard by concerned citizens and by Planning and Zoning who has requested the joint Hearing Tuesday, June 28, 1:30 pm at Huerfano County Community Center located at 928 Russell Av.  A grass roots group against unregulated fracking plans to meet at 1:00 prior to the hearing to discuss specific areas of  concern and possible ways to limit and mitigate damages in the future.  Our valley is too precious, too fragile and too important for us to ever simply turn a blind eye or deaf ear to what may be happening around us.  Let’s get the facts, weight the evidence and develope a plan of  good stewardship for our valley.

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One Response to “Huerfano Citizens To Speak Out”

  1. Jayon 28 Jun 2011 at 1:36 pm

    Wish we could have attended. Assume papers will cover.