Apr 17 2011

Water Proposal Comments

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Lots of great comments have come in on all sides of the water-building permit issue.  I have posted many snippets down under Responses below the previous 2 posts.  You may want to look at them below.  The County does not propose any restriction on the initial buy/sale of land and full  disclosure of water source is already provided as required.   But County proposes a proof of water source when the owner later requests a building permit.  That water source would be one of the following 3 sources,   1. a community system“, or 2. approved haul/deliver contractor, or 3. a minimum  1 gal/min. private well.  While seemingly well intentioned, this resolution may require proof of water volume minimums from community systems,  proof of health dept. certificates from the as yet unidentified, un-approved,  bulk-water hauler/providers or if water source is your own private well water, then water volume amounts up to 5 times the actual daily consumption uses with no credit for conservation, rain-collection, cisterns, occassional occupancy use- limited needs, etc.

 This solution seems to be dis-proportionate to the size of the perceived  existing problem. Due to its far-reaching implications, it could cause an artificial change in real estate values, as well as causing an economic hardship on land-owners and builders by its change in building permits and uses. This may in turn affect the sales, development, zoning and property tax valuation receipts for the County.   Full disclosure is always encouraged and that’s why we post this stuff.  But new after-the-fact water requirements in building permit regulations may hurt folks more than it helps them.  

No action was voted upon at last week’s Meeting. Presumably the Resolution will be acted upon at an upcoming regular Huerfano Commissioners Meeting. I personally hope we get a more modest and thoughtful approach to the issue considering the ramifications of their proposal.  Express your own opinion to them by phone or email and if possible attend their upcoming meeting when it appears on the Agenda.

Contact Commissioners Roger Cain, Art Bobian and Scott King by phone at their residences, or at County office 719 738-2370, or fax to them at 738-3996 or email

artbobian@hotmail.com, john@huerfano.us, rogcai@msn.com, sking@huerfano.us

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  1. Jerryon 18 Apr 2011 at 8:16 am

    More water comments I have received include:

    Our Feds are getting way too involved in our personal rights to live and now the County too. The 1 gal. per min. requirement is absolutely ridiculous. JH

    The government is becoming much too intrusive in our property rights. We want our property rights and being able to build our cabin with or without available water is our right. Realtors do inform the buyers of the risks in finding water and suggest that they do water research with professionals. But, what if having abundant water is not an issue for them? Are you saying they are not allowed to bring cooking-drinking water with them when they are summer or weekend visitors only? Are they going to be required to spend thousands of dollars for expensive water systems that they don’t want or need? WT

    (See more comments below prev. post also. )