Mar 24 2011

3 Questions to Ask Yourself

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We often see new listings that personally intrigue us.  Some properties are newer, others are dated, some with deferred maintenance and others need some major work.  Some work we could do ourselves but lots would need professional tradesmen.  Usually they represent great potential and at a well priced value.  We started working the numbers.  How much to offer, how much to remodel it, financing carry costs, etc. That cooled our interest a little. It could be a bit of a stretch, but still seemed feasible.  We checked the systems, the surveys and everything else under the sun.  Still interested, but not quite as highly motivated.  So I wrote out  3  final  simple questions and taped it to the frig.  for a few days.

Are we ready to do it,  physically?

Are we ready to do it,  financially?

Are we ready to do it,  emotionally?

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