Jan 13 2011

Long Range Planning

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What a novel idea, to actually plan for the future.  Kudos to Town of La Veta Trustees and to Huerfano County Board Commissioners too.  This is sure better than playing the blame game and just criticizing each other.   

Last week the La Veta Trustees led an open workshop discussion regarding a Comprehensive Plan for La Veta, including adjacent lands as well.  About 30 folks gathered and later broke into smaller discussion groups on specific issues.   Town Board promises more of these public forum meetings of what’s working now and what is not, in upcoming months.

And County Board of Commissioners hosted  a similar public workshop concerning designation of local municipal and industrial water projects as a part of the County Land Use Plan.  This could include the transferring of water rights and the impact of water uses on existing domestic wells. Water will always be an important aspect of rural Colorado.

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