Aug 08 2008

Cellphone Towers?

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Applications for cell antenna/towers are once again creating a local stir.  Not so much the towers themselves, but where they will be placed.  Everyone acknowledges that we have sparse reception now and a new tower would improve the convenience and safety as well.  But where to put them?

 Alltel has proposed putting a small booster antenna onto the Town’s Water Tower west of the Town Lakes.  Town Council has agreed to consider the request.  And another tower applicant has appeared before Huerfano County P & Z to request a taller tower (up to 180 ft.) on private property, just north of the Town Lakes.  A Public Hearing on this one will be held Aug. 19 in the Walsenburg Community Center. 

Both applicants have previously stated that the area of the Town Lakes is the most feasible antenna location for signal strength and coverage.  Unfortunately, that area also represents a scenic view corridor that locals wish to protect and preserve. 

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