Aug 19 2010

New Resort Leadership

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As confirmed today by The Signature, the locals involved in the restructure and redevelopment of the Cuchara Mountain Resort include notable locals Bruce & Joan Cantrell, the Lindsay Case Family Company and Dwight Harrison.   This looks like a great team of committed and  experienced players to me.  The Plan is unfolding this week and we continue to look forward to more details.  But it is indeed a BIG PLAN and could eventually have huge economic impact on our tourism, jobs and recreation.

This Plan is a committment to really start something.  It is likely that no money has changed hands yet and probably no deeds recorded yet either. But Agreements and Contracts appear to be in place for the Plan to take life and move forward.  It will take vision, effort, bonds, grants, permits and approvals.  But with these leaders, lots of effort and a little luck, it could in fact become a reality.  We will get you a link to a more detailed story just as soon as we capture one.  And later offer our comments on how we see its effect on local real estate demand and prices.

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