May 14 2010

Town Governing

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A  Colorado state agency,  the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) helps local governments throughout the state in their budgeting, planning and governing.  DOLA also has guidlines for Trustees, Directors and City Councilors too.  At the encouragement and invitation of several local area residents, community leaders and Town Trustees, DOLA has agreed to come down to La Veta next week and hold a workshop on some small town governing issues.  This workshop is open to the Public and we are hopeful that many interested parties from both sides of the political arena and personal bias or persuasion will attend.  I expect discussion on benefits and detriments of economic development and annexation would be a subject worth of discussion.  The meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 17  here in La Veta at the Town Community Building on E. Ryus beginning at 10:00 .

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